Über mich

Leben in Rosenheim

Ich wohne seit 2010 in Rosenheim, weil ich meine Leidenschaft für die Berge entdeckt habe.

Bergwanderleiter bei den Naturfreunden

The best part of working with us is we are industrial experts and we expertise on aerial footage and drone shots. You will never stop getting amazed by the outcome.

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Vostand beim VCD

Everybody wants their body as clear as they could be. Here at Dronista We take care of quality seriously. We provide you with 4k video quality. Crystal clear, super smooth.

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Komunalpolitik mit dem Bündnis für Rosenheim

We care about your budget. No matter if you want industrial advertise or birthday party. We got you covered. We have packages that fits everyone’s need. Ready to go.

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Speeded Work

Time is the money and we start the project on time and complete it before the deadline. You can get your project done lightning fast without any complain.

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